Slam and Spin Ping Pong 1.0

Slam and Spin Ping Pong 1.0



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The ultimate ping pong simulation is here! Your paddle has 2 sides a SLAM side and a SPIN side.
RED (SLAM) SIDE - The ball will travel in the direction you are moving your paddle. An aggressive move forward will result in a violent SLAM.
BLACK (SPIN) SIDE - If the paddle is moving sideways across the ball when the ball is hit it will put some wicked SPIN on the ball.

A simple double tap at any time during play will flip your paddle from SPIN to SLAM or from SLAM to SPIN.

If the paddle is not moving when the ball is hit it will return the ball to the middle of the table. This is a defensive move that will keep your opponent from having sharp angles to return the ball.

There are 3 difficultly levels and 18 opponents to chose from so there is something for everyone.

Normal - A fun casual game played at a medium pace.

Hard - For the player who gets into the game and has build up some skill.

Expert - Very difficult you will have to return crazy fast SLAMS and obscene SPINS coming at you at an insane pace.

If you beat the expert level please go to our web site and let us know. This would be a very impressive feat. No one on the test team has been able to beat the expert level.

Your progress and best score against each of the 18 opponent will be saved.


Try hitting the ball to one side of the table to get the opponent out of position. Then SLAM or SPIN the ball in the other direction.

On expert the opponent will start each point being able to return almost anything you throw at him. Start defensively by returning the ball to the middle of the table. Then when he get warn out use the method of hitting it to one side to get him out of position then SPIN or SLAM one in the other direction.

System Requirements: Requires iOS 3.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Systems: iOS

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